With extensive industry experience we are dedicated to continually deliver the greatest level of quality and service to all our projects. AGM's Quality Management System is certified by TQCSI international Quality Assurance. The System integrates with all of AGM's business systems.

AGM Services


AGM has a well equipped Architectural design team, which can take a clients needs, wants, and problems and deliver and resolve them, in the form of drawings and specifications.


Supporting and to work in collaboration with our architectural design team we have assembled a variety of professionals to ensure the most efficient and best possible result for all our clients.civil engineers, cost engineers (quantity surveyors).mechanical engineers.electrical engineers.structural engineers.fire protection engineers


At AGM Construction we have built a wide variety of projects. These include private residential housing to multi-million dollar public works. AGM likes to get the job done, and can mobilize a workforce of over 200 people with various building trades and skills to do so. We strive to meet client’s needs and focus on building as efficient, and sustainable as possible.

Upgrading and Maintenance

This division at AGM is responsible for repair, maintenance, and upgrading; it is based upon a rapid response structure and dedicated resource team. Building maintenance includes restoration of complete buildings from landscaping, complete internal/external works, to structural rectification. Upgrading of buildings also is undertaken by this division, such as converting existing buildings to other uses, and upgrading (i.e. Fire Upgrading) to comply with Australian standards.