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AGM Constructions prides itself in completing residential construction and developments for all types of contractors, mainly NSW Housing and other major ones including NSW Public Works. At the same time, AGM has taken on private developments itself in an effective and efficient manner with the aid of its managers and subcontractors.

a) Upgrading to 41 properties for Housing NSW, the total project value $3.6 million.

b) Design, Construction & Development of 8 Units at 45 Station Rd Fairfield, the total project value at $2.7 million.

c) Construction of adaptable dwellings and disabled dwellings for Housing NSW at 176 Moore St, Liverpool, with the total project value standing at $3.9 million.

d) Fire Upgrading Work for NSW Housing with a value of $5 million between 2007 & 2011, which involved 5200 properties

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Miranda - 250 Sylvania Road

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